GDI provides you with a valuable product to offer the public.
Using our invitations enables you to effectively advertise your product.
GDI along with our website allows customers to learn about your product.
Irrefutable facts along with our $1000 guarantee create trust in your product.
Our website plays the important role of explaining to individuals precisely
       why this business is entirely legitimate, along with providing them 
              with step by step instructions on how to achieve success.
All the complicated and legal aspects of running a business are taken care of by GDI.
All you are left to do is sign up and spread the word!
Naturally, some individuals will have the ability           to sign up 5 people faster than others. 
With so many misleading opportunities on the web, we understand that you may still have 
some doubts. We believe that it's essential for an individual to have absolute trust in their 
business, and to choose one that is undoubtedly genuine.    

To ensure that you have the utmost confidence in this enterprise, we have also outlined a
list of reasons of why this particular company is indeed reputable, reliable, and legitimate.
When presented with an income opportunity that involves the Internet, 
       it is only natural for people to express some degree of doubt.
That one thing is doubt.

Though imagine a reality where this doubt did not exist, and that every person who read about this enterprise simply took a few minutes to sign up without hesitation.
The idea of making $3,905 a month just by handing a brochure to 5 associates may surely seem intriguing, but for most people that still sounds too good to be true.

We realize that the income which we claim can be generated with this system       may seem a bit unrealistic. This is exactly why we feel it is essential to 
              now explain in detail why this business is in fact legitimate.

The main factor that separates GDI from a "pyramid scheme", is that the business is based on an actual product instead of just the constant exchange of money from person to person.
Specifically, this type of business is called "Network Marketing", and is actually extremely prevalent in the economy. To learn more about it, you can also visit to read a very helpful article.
Although there is practically no limit to how many people you can sign up into the 5 levels below you, every single member of GDI always has a total of only 5 people above them.
This means that there isn't a few privileged people on the top who earn significantly more than everyone below them. Instead, each member starts with an equal and fair opportunity to grow their business.
Pyramid schemes operate by tricking as many people as possible into signing up, then eventually fail and shut down after individuals realize just how misleading the operation turned out to be.
In addition, many don't realize that pyramid schemes are actually highly illegal under federal law. While common in the wild and unregulated days of the 2000's, such operations rarely exist in current day.
While pyramid schemes usually allow everyone to have an unlimited number of people both above and
below them, GDI operates on a strict and limited 5 layer system of money exchange. 
What separates this business from a "pyramid scheme"
GDI sustains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
GDI has been recognized in several popular business magazines such as Inc, and Entreprenuer.

3 important reasons why this company is reliable
GDI is also a proud member of the Direct Selling Associaition. The DSA is a national trade association of leading firms that manufacture and distribute goods and services sold directly to consumers.
In order to receive a positive rating, a company has to meet the many high standards laid 
out by the BBB, along with showing a constant commitment to customer satisfaction.
Having received the highest possible rating, one can be assured that this company is 
indeed trustworthy, reliable, and legitimate. 

Greetings, and welcome to our private website!

The goal of this page is to provide you with information and instructions in the most helpful and user-friendly way possible. Now that you have an idea of what this business is all about, we are going to show you exactly how this unique marketing campaign works to ensure that every single member of our team is able to establish a thriving network and achieve personal success.

Having received such positive recognition in these reputable magazines shows you that GDI has a credible name within the business world, and has already been carefully analyzed by the experts.
When leading magazines such as these choose to feature a company, they put their own reputation 
on the line, meaning they would surely never promote a business which is actually a scam.
This association has a strict Code of Ethics which every member company has to obide by. These rules require that the company operates with the highest level of business ethics, along with displaying a continous commitment to the service of customers.
In addition to sustaining an A+ rating with the BBB, being a member of this reputable association allows people to attain an even higher degree of trust and reassurance in this business.
If you would like additional details regarding GDI, here 
is a very helpful list of Frequently Asked Questions.
GDI on the other hand, has operated openly in the international public eye for over 19 years, without ever receiving a single federal or civil dispute regarding their legitimacy.
These scams simply offer people the promise of income, without ever providing you with anything of value to either use or offer to the public. 
This would mean that at the rate of 5 days per each of the 5 layers, it would actually only take 25 days for everyone to already have a network of 3,905.

Properly presenting this opportunity 
 Following up with your prospect
Picking the right partners for your team
The only thing that stands
in the way of your success
Here is a step by step look at how this all works!
Show step by step how you can use our special invitations to sign up 5 quality associates and successfully grow your team to 3,905.
Explain in detail why this enterprise is not just some misleading Internet scam, backed by our popular $1000 Guarantee of Legitimacy. 
This link will look like:
Once they visit it, the company will know that it was you who referred them.
Though lets imagine that it took you, along with everybody else you sign up, 
a total of five days to invite 5 people, at a calm & steady rate of one per day.
If people took 2 days to invite 5, the same would then occur in only 10 days.
Another thing that makes the nature of this system exciting, is that even if you personally refer just 5 new people, a motivated individual further down in your 
network could end up signing up 15, 50, or even much more into the team.
A realistic look at how long it would
   take to form a network of 3,905
       The 3 keys to success 
A very simple yet essential note 
 about the video presentation
The purpose of this website is to:
While the concept may seem appealing, there is a multitude of reasons why these inherently flawed systems never turn out to serve as sustainable or reliable sources of income.
​Congratulations, you have finally made it to the end and passed our biggest test!
In addition to fulfilling the promise upon opening the invitation, you have proven that you possess both the focus and comprehension to participate in this unique venture. 

​To become a member and join us, simply go back to the website you visited     in Step 1 of your invitation brochure, and take a few minutes to sign up!
As such, if you find yourself interested in a steady additional source of income from the web, we would be happy to welcome you into our exclusive team.
We conclude with our $1000 Guarantee of Legitimacy.
As promised, it stands as legal property of anyone who can come up with just a single credible reason of why GDI is a fraudulent company.
Below is a picture of the attorney agreement along with the grand prize.
If you wish to make a submission, 
click here to read the official rules!
Best of luck in whichever endeavors you decide to undertake!
While indeed a comically unrealistic notion, interestingly, this scenario of complete
trust would literally result in the guaranteed success of every single participant.
Given this particular set of parameters, we have determined that
 there are 3 primary keys to achieving success with this system.
Proper presentation
Picking the right partners
Following up with your prospects
Next we will show you exactly how to be effective            in each of these three essential areas.
Every business system has a formula for prosperity, and this one is no exception.
If a proven strategy for success can be devised, then it can can also be replicated.
Since we have already achieved our goal, our main job now is to help teach the new members of this team the very best ways in which they can do the same.

What makes this system a complete
   and successful business model
Once you take a few minutes to sign up with GDI, you will now have your very own internet website along with a personal domain name!
You may use this site in any of the countless ways imagination allows.
In addition, you will also receive a unique personal link which you can use to sign up other people into your team.
If you never get around to setting up a site, you             actually have the option to use your chosen                  domain name as the sign up link instead. 
How to sign up new members
This is the web link which you be writing down in Step 1 of your invitations!
When it comes to this type of business, nothing could be more important       than picking the right people to be part of your primary team of five.
These individuals need to not only possess a professional sense of patience, but also the comprehension and motivation required to partake in such an enterprise.
People who are completely inexperienced in these technical subjects might feel
a bit overwhelmed, while others will be able to understand everything with ease. 
So in all realistic terms, the time it would take to reach this 
      goal simply depends on the speed in which you and 
           your teammates are able to add five members.
For this important reason, our most vital piece of advice is to pick a partner who,
such as yourself, is also familiar with the core basics of computers and business.
In addition, they must also possess the proper personality and drive in order to
be a valuable part of your team and do their part in growing the overall network.

​We trust that you know exactly who among your associates fits          into this category and who does not, and so it is up to your                 wise judgement to decide who is worthy of an invitation.
As with many things in both business and life, presentation is everything.
In addition to the video that you just viewed, GDI actually has quite a variety of         other presentations which you can use to educate people about the company.
After putting many factors into consideration, we've concluded that the short video presentation which you saw is indeed the overall best one to use for this campaign.
Setting this up is an extremely simple process:
Log into your GDI account
Click the tab entitled My Replicated Sites 
Select the option named "GDI Video 1 autoplay"
In addition to presentation, following up with your prospective partners  after they finish reading our website is another vital part of this formula.
This also includes providing them with at least 5 of our special invitations, 
if of course they do agree to join your team and participate in this venture.
If for some reason you did not receive the necessary number of our   invitations from your sponsor, please feel free to e-mail us directly      at and we'll be happy to accommodate you.
After they are done checking everything out, make sure to take a moment 
to contact them and see if they happen to require any help or clarification.
While we have already formulated this system to virtually run on auto-pilot,
members taking the initiative to assist new arrivals is an essential element 
for any team aspiring to be successful. 
For example, here is a popular and provocative approach  which many of our teammates have found quite effective:
It is important to choose both a time and atmosphere that is appropriate for such an interaction, and that your potential prospect is in pleasant spirits.  

While both we and GDI do virtually all the talking, it is you who is inevitably entrusted with the simple yet essential task of giving out the invitation.
"There is a local challenge going around that I'd like to participate in with you.
   It involves money, computers, and is ridiculously heavy on any skepticism.

                  The rule is not to ask me questions until you read this.

    Though if you think you're smart enough to figure out a loophole, the 
     founder of this whole thing has promised to give out a $1000 reward."